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Bounce Buds (aka Bounce Buddies) is loosely based on volleyball. Play with a friend, online or in person! Single player mode is also available, where you can play against an imperfect AI.

Arrow Keys + WASD control the players, alternatively you can enable a game controller in the options menu.

Game design by John Wallie: http://orange08games.blogspot.com/
Multiplayer by YellowAfterlife: https://yellowafterlife.itch.io/
Music by Kevin MacLeod: https://incompetech.com/



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Dude, this game is perfect, like, really, it's so cute man, when I make an cute character, and when I lose or when the green goofy stays at his head, He is so sad, and this makes me cry, it's so cute duude, and i'm being seriousss, but, really, that game is so good, like, for real, this makes me happy, and cures my anxiety, pretty cool cute radicool game. Perfect.

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online desyncs a lot. actually, i can't play it, because it desyncs when we start a match.


Did you download the game shortly after(like on the very day of) it's release? There was a debug code I accidentally left in, so the first 2-3 downloaders of the game have a glitch that makes the powerups always be the size powerup. Sorry about that, but if both of you download the latest version you should not have desync issues. Sorry for inconvenience.

hmm, i don't think i've downloaded it shortly after the release, and i didn't see any powerup glitch. it just desyncs. with more detail: (not so much because my english isn't good, sorry.) until we start the match, everything is fine. when we do a point, the game desyncs. or a little before that. example: i scored a point, but for my friend he scored it, and the ball desyncs.